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As a former Law Enforcement Officer and First Responder with over 20 years of experience, I understand the tax challenges and IRS concerns as it relates to being a police officer, fire fighter, and EMS first responder. There are a lot of tax write-off and deductions that you are entitled to that you may be missing. I specialize in working with 1099s, off-duty income, multiple W2 income, and business income, deductions, and depreciation. I’ve been preparing taxes for police officers and first responders for over 15 years. So, if you need an accurate, ethical, and knowledgeable tax professional, let me and Carolina Tax Professionals be the one that YOU call when YOU need help.

Carolina Tax Professionals

was established to create a convenient way for individuals to get their taxes done and plan for their desired financial future. We also have Investment & Financial Advisors available to you at no additional cost who you can set up an appointment with to discuss not only your tax situation, but your entire financial outlook and work with them to put an actionable plan in place to help you reach your desired financial goals. If you don’t prefer to meet in person, for your convenience you can also

  • 1 Visit our website at www.carolinataxpro.com and upload your tax documents to our secure web server
  • 2 Email your tax document to our secure web server at carolinataxpro@carolinataxpro.com
  • 3 Drop off your tax documents or have one of our tax professionals pick up your documents

Then within 24hours we will contact you to discuss your tax situation and electronically file your tax return.

As a Tax client of Carolina Tax Professionals, you will work one-on-one with an experienced tax professional that will professionally prepare your tax return and explain it to you, so you will understand your tax situation. Your advisor will break down terms such as adjusted gross income, earned income credit, depreciation and amortization. Also, your advisor will explain what exemptions and deductions you qualify for. Your advisor will make recommendations as to what you can do to put yourself in a better tax situation next year. We will also provide you with a free financial health check-up and recommendation report, which is done annually, especially during tax season. In this report, we will examine and analyze your entire financial portfolio, from budgeting and debt reduction plans, to mortgage statements, investing and saving for retirement. Also, we make sure you’re on track with your goals i.e. buying a car, home, reducing debt, saving for college or planning for a family. This financial health check-up and recommendation report is free, plus we will make a 6-month appointment from that date to ensure your goals are on track.

Let our tax advisors review your tax return from other prepares for free. If we find additional money owed to you, we will be glad to amend your return. (Additional fees may apply, if our fees are more than the amount of the amended return, the return is free.)

We will electronically file your tax return and have your refund directly deposited into your account in 7-10 days, or you can apply for a refund loan and have your check within 24-48 hours, all with no up front out of pocket expenses!

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